Helping Hands

All of the team at Heads & Hearts have spent many, many years working within the public sector in various forms and are fundamentally committed to providing services according to need rather than ability to pay.  We therefore decided that we wanted to do something to support individuals, families and organisations who are less able to fund treatment or training.  We do so by providing financial support to specific charities close to our hearts and also by operating a ‘suspended session’ scheme.

We provide financial support to a number of charities specifically Child Action Lanka.

Child Action Lanka

Child Action Lanka is a charity providing care and support for children and families in Sri Lanka who are living in poverty.  Seven years ago Sue took a six-month sabbatical has spent a 6 months sabbatical to work for CAL in Kandy.  Since then, she has returned to Sri Lanka, at least annually, sometimes alone and sometimes with a team of volunteers.  She continues to fund-raise for them personally as well as returning to provide training, practical support and encouragement.  Because of Sue's passion for CAL, Janet joined her on a trip in 2014 and is currently planning her fourth visit.
child action lanka

Suspended Sessions

The ‘suspended sessions’ scheme enables us to provide direct work or input to individuals, families and charitable organisations who otherwise would be unable to access our help.

If you have been happy with the care you have received and are in the fortunate position of being able to make a donation towards covering the cost of a session (or part-session) for someone who is struggling, please speak to Janet or Julia. We would be very grateful for your help.

Janet Ramsay 1949-2022

Janet Ramsay

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