Janet Ramsay 1949 - 2022

Janet was one of the founding directors of Heads & Hearts. She brought many years of clinical experience and passion for working with young people. Together with Julia, she helped create, develop and run our therapeutic service over the company’s first four years. Jan worked to build a reputation for Heads & Hearts as a creative and responsive firm which is deeply committed to working with children and their families, from all walks of life, with all kinds of struggles.

Jan had retrained as an Attachment Therapist and this was the focus of her best work for Heads & Hearts, working with children who had been through the ‘Looked After System’ and who were subject to Adoption or Special Guardianship Orders. Her ability to draw upon her extensive experience in family therapy, child & adolescent psychiatry, attachment therapy, as well as social work and court work allowed Jan to bring together wide perspectives and training the best interests of young people and families.

The unexpected death of Jan in April 2022, after a short illness, has been an enormous loss to all who worked alongside her and considered her a friend. Jan looked after everyone so it has taken time to grieve, but Heads & Hearts remains committed to its families and clients – clear in the knowledge that this is what Jan would have wanted and expected.

Jan believed in the power of the multi-disciplinary team – skilled professionals with young people’s best interests at heart, working together for optimal outcomes. She was a lynchpin for everyone at Heads & Hearts, building a sense of team, by providing leadership and supervision to many. Jan demonstrated to us all the importance of connecting with young people and encouraging them to find their voice and the confidence they need to blossom.

Our team is part of Jan’s professional legacy after a 40 year career in social care and child and adolescent mental health services. We all benefited from her wisdom, her clinical input, her collaborative and creative approach to therapy and her ability to maintain a sense of humour, regardless of circumstances.

Heads & Hearts continues to grow, staying true to Jan’s work ethic, skills, and her ability to gather around her individuals and clinicians who shared a goal to improve outcomes for children and young people. We will be here to offer support, empathy and therapeutic interventions to those in need and looking for guidance.

We will always miss Jan and all that she stood for.

But there is a little bit of Jan in all of us who worked alongside her, and had the privilege of calling her our friend, and much respected colleague. 
Janet Ramsay - Social Worker and Therapist

Janet Ramsay 1949-2022

Janet Ramsay

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